Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Episode!

Well hey there.

So a month and a half elapsed between when I first created this blog. We've all grown up in that time, I think. New loves, new dreams, new desires, all there - waiting, in the... shell... of the oyster.. that is life.

Or I was really busy working almost full-time and schooling.

BUT IN ANY CASE. After months of pre-planning, a third podcast is going up tonight to accompany this blogpost. And then, this weekend, while I am out shooting and prepping like crazy, the first official web-ep of a sort of experimental web-series will be UP!

The series will be called, "A Lost Collection", and chronicle one man's furtive attempts to restore a DVD library lost to old friendships, ex-loves, and the passage of time.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. If you happen upon this blog in the future, tell your friends! Who may be my friends too - they just don't know it yet.

Anyway, watch this space. Excitement looms on the horizon, and beckons towards you, invitingly.